[Openicc] _ICC_PROFILE in reality

Graeme Gill graeme at argyllcms.com
Thu May 26 03:22:24 PDT 2011

Richard Hughes wrote:
> * The per-output _ICC_PROFILE atoms -- they make logical sense, but
> *no* applications use them

If you don't set them, then there's no possibility of them being used
by applications. Someone has to make that first step.

Both OS X and MSWin support applications that need color management
over multi-monitors. Why should Linux/X11 be deficient in this regard ?
How else will a multi-monitor application get correct color across
all its monitors ?

> * The _ICC_PROFILE_1 thing -- it doesn't exist in GCM, and no apps
> seem to use it.

If I recall correctly, Xinerama is the only multi-monitor solution
that allows calibration using proprietary drivers. This will remain
the case until Xinerama is adopted universally. I suppose though that
there will be no great impact if this is not being supported.

Graeme Gill.

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