[Openicc] _ICC_PROFILE in reality

Kai-Uwe Behrmann ku.b at gmx.de
Thu May 26 08:02:42 PDT 2011

Am 26.05.11, 08:07 -0600 schrieb Chris Murphy:
> And in terms of the user experience between Apple's Preview application on Snow Leopard vs. Adobe Photoshop:
> Preview.app: If I have an image and slowly drag to the 2nd screen, but not entirely on that 2nd screen, at a certain threshold point the entire contents of the window "change" with an apparent new transform based on the display profile for that 2nd screen. But of course only the portion of that window displayed on the 2nd display looks correct. It looks wrong on the 1st screen. If you go back and forth, it's not a terribly elegant behavior because there are cases where most of the image at a given time is color managed for the wrong display.

Thats the behaviour I observed some time ago with Inkscape on Linux.

> Photoshop and Lightroom behavior on Mac OS: Same instance, there is NO threshold point. If I let go of the drag event for the window at any point, each portion on each display is color managed for that display. That is, a single window's contents are independently color managed for the display the contents appear on. So at all times you have a reliable representation of the contents appearing on the two displays. The update is not live during window dragging, only once the mouse button is release and then there is an update. This is a very good user experience.

Oyranos has a example image viewer which does this too. It is so relaxed 
to not care about where to watch. It "just works"TM.

> I'm unsure of the behavior of these apps on Windows.

On Windows Vista and Windows 7 the standard image viewer is colour 
management aware and colour corrects to each individual monitor reagion in 
one window. Its similiar to the Oyranos image viewer and from what you 
describe to Photoshop and Lightroom.

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