[Openicc] compiz-cms/CompICC [was: What is exactly needed...]

Florian Höch lists+openicc at hoech.org
Tue May 31 08:44:25 PDT 2011

>> I'm running compiz-cms on all my machines, all the time -- which was
>> not possible with compicc, exactly because compicc broke Firefox,
>> Gimp, and every other color managed application.
> oooops.
> As far as I could check CompICC worked always as expected and correctly.
> Moreover it is designed to do so.
> Can you give reasons for that "compicc broke Firefox, Gimp" statement?

Firefox and Gimp can both be configured to not use the display profile 
(ie ICC_PROFILE atom), but a user-configured profile. In that case 
CompICC may not be able do the right thing, because the user actively 
chose to shoot himself in the foot :)
Per-application display profile settings don't make much sense anyway imho.

I don't know which is the default for gimp when you activate display 
compensation (use system profile or user defined profile), but Firefox 
actually had the "use system profile" default when I last checked (and 
works nicely with CompICC in that case as far as my experience with it 

Florian Höch

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