[Openicc] What is exactly needed for color management ... driver setup

Jan-Peter Homann homann at colormanagement.de
Tue May 31 09:11:44 PDT 2011

Hello Till and all,
The g-c-m, colord, GhostScript CUPS workflow having currently some 
important open issues:

Firstly, it is unclear, how the synchronisation of driver settings and 
printer profiles is organized. If this topic is not solved, it will be 
impossible for the normal user to work with printer ICC profiles.

Apple is offering a solution quite comparable to "g-c-m, colord, 
GhostScript CUPS" since years and it is still a source of big color 
chaos in the printing chain, because they are not able able to to 
synchronize colorsync printer setups and drivers...

My personal preferred solution for solving the synchronization issue 
would be to integrate the driver settings as dictType Metadata into the 
printer profile and to embedd the printer profile in the output from 
This would allow the driver (e.g. rastertogutenprint) to extract the 
setttings from the embedded ICC profile from the output of gstoraster.

Also printing GUI and PPDs have to be changed for color managed printing 
path with "g-c-m, colord, GhostScript, CUPS".
Every setup for different media and resolution/quality needs and 
independent CUPS queue for the same printer.

If we have e.g. the printer "EpsonXY" with settings for:
- plainpaper draft
- plainpaper highres
- inkjetpaper hires
- photoglossy hires
- photoglossy bestquality

The user has to create 5 CUPS queues for the printer "EpsonXY" with 
different driver setups and individual printer profile for each queue in 
g-c-m / colord (or Oayranos as an alternative framework...)

Depending if the printer profiles have embedded driver settings, we need 
a new PPD file for "EpsonXY" which has stripped of all color relevant 
driver settings.

If we agree on a infrastructure with "g-c-m, colord, GhostScript, CUPS" 
and printer profiles with embedded driver setups, we also need a 
infrastructure to create such printer profiles including embedding the 
driver setups into the printer profile.

Best regards

Am 31.05.11 16:56, schrieb Till Kamppeter:
> On 05/31/2011 04:29 PM, Richard Hughes wrote:
>> On 31 May 2011 15:09, Till Kamppeter<till.kamppeter at gmail.com>  wrote:
>>> Now I see that a lot of color-management-related software is 
>>> announced on
>>> this list:
>>> - OpenICC Data package 1.2.0
>>> - basICColor_Offset_2009 package 1.1.1
>>> - libXcm-0.4.1
>>> - Xcm-0.4.0
>>> - Oyranos Version 0.3.1
>>> - ICC Examin 0.49
>>> Is also one or another of these packages needed or at least highly
>>> recommended?
>> Oyranos is a competing framework to colord. ICC Examin is a profile
>> viewer like gcm-viewer. libXcm and Xcm and needed for the compiz color
>> correction server, which also needs Oyranos. OpenICC Data and
>> basICColor are profile packages a lot like shared-color-profiles but
>> with slightly different profiles that are not modified from the
>> pristine sources.
>> For numerous reasons I've already detailed on this list, I decided not
>> to fix and extend the Oyranos project and instead to develop GNOME
>> Color Manager and colord. Oyranos and colord do interoperate on a
>> superficial level at the moment but they want to fulfill different
>> use-cases and certainly are written in very different ways.
>> It's really not for me to convince you what software to install by
>> default for a specific distro, but for you to try out the different
>> frameworks yourself and make up your own mind.
>> If it's a datapoint, GNOME 3.2 will have gnome-settings-daemon talking
>> to colord by default, gnome-control-center will be used to configure
>> colord and gnome-color-manager will be a required component of gnome
>> for calibration. CUPS also registers devices and profiles in colord,
>> and foomatic and gstoraster already query colord (although you already
>> know that :-).
>> colord is already an approved external dependency for GNOME. This
>> means if a distro is going to ship GNOME 3.2, then it'll also be
>> shipping colord. Alex is also already building a small configuration
>> panel for colord in KDE, although I'm not sure how far along he's got
>> just yet.
>> Fedora 15 will also have color management as a "Fedora Feature"
>> showcasing the printer, scanner, display and camera color management.
>> This will just involve shipping shared-color-profiles, colord, cups,
>> foomatic and gnome-color-manager on the default CD media.
> Thank you very much. So I only need to add shared-color-profiles.
>    Till
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