[Openicc] What is exactly needed for color management ... driver setup PPD

Jan-Peter Homann homann at colormanagement.de
Tue May 31 13:13:47 PDT 2011

Hello Richard and all,
Is it correct, that you are using the cupsICC qualifier specified in the 
PPD of the printer, for doing the described match of printer profile and 
driver setting ?

this leads for me for more questions:

- Is it possible to prepare a printer profile, that it will 
automatically match the corrects cupsICC qualifiers for a given printer ?

- you you please describe step by step the enduser perspective, how a 
printer profile is configured in g-c-m, colord to match the cupsICC 
qualifiers for a given PPD ?

(Or is it needed to prepare the PPD in advance, so that the the match of 
cupsICC qualifiers is encoded into the PPD ?)

If the workflow needs a prepared PPD, does this implicite, that a static 
PPD and printer profiles are one package, which has to be installed by 
the user ?

Rendering Intents:
How do you handle the rendering intent from target colorspace (e.g. 
sRGB) to the printer profile, if the PDF spool file is DeviceRGB ?

Best regards

Am 31.05.11 18:59, schrieb Richard Hughes:
>> Jan-Peter
>> Every setup for different media and resolution/quality needs and independent
>> CUPS queue for the same printer.
> Richard:
> No, not at all. colord uses the same scheme as ColorSync, in that the
> qualifier (ColorSync calls it a "selector", iirc) can modify the
> profile retrieved from colord. In this way I can say to colord "use
> the profile hp-photosmart-gloss.icc for rgb.Glossy.*" and use a
> different profile if I'm printing with plain paper. In this way, the
> only thing the user has to change in the printing GUI is the
> resolution and the paper type, which all GUIs can currently do. I
> think it makes a lot of sense to _show_ the user what profile is going
> to be used as a label, rather than as a combobox just so they are
> aware on what profile would be chosen for the options they have
> selected. This is what I'm hoping to add to the GTK print dialog for
> 3.2.
> If you like, I can set up a conf-call for anyone that missed LGM and I
> can present an "introduction to colord" with more of the geeky details
> left in.
> Richard.

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