[Openicc] What is exactly needed: Embedded Profile in CUPS raster !!

Alastair M. Robinson blackfive at fakenhamweb.co.uk
Fri Jun 3 01:12:29 PDT 2011


On 03/06/11 03:48, Chris Murphy wrote:

> What if the driver Media Types were simply a means of choosing a behind-the-scenes sRGB to deviceN device-link profile?
> (or sRGB to RGB, or sRGB to CMYK, or Adobe RGB to CMYK - whatever the combination would necessarily be that produce
> the best out of box experience that the driver manufacturer/bundler is willing to produce).

That'd be fine - provided the selection process is transparent, and 
there's a simple, easily understandable one-to-one relationship between 
driver options and whatever blob represents the colour conversion - and 
provided installing new ones is easy.

What's not acceptable, to my mind, is a printer allowing a couple of 
dozen different option permutations to be selected, but only covering a 
handful of them with profiles (or whatever mechanism is in use), and 
leaving the user with no clue as to whether the options they've got 
selected have a valid corresponding profile (or whatever).  Putting the 
"profile" (or devicelink, or whatever) first avoids this issue - I don't 
care how it's actually presented, whether the profiles and settings 
blobs are "imported" as presets, or whether they're presented as 
user-selectable profiles (which, yes, I know, is never going to happen) 
- just so long as the behaviour of the whole is predictable, scrutable, 
flexible and debuggable.

All the best
Alastair M. Robinson

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