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Jan-Peter Homann homann at colormanagement.de
Tue Jun 21 01:44:43 PDT 2011

Hello to all,
  lso Till supports the idea of Hal to send the driver settings as CUPS 
IPP attributes. If also Mike Sweet would agree, that this is a good idea 
than we may should integrate this recommendation somehow in the CUPS 
specification / documentation ?

This solution would make it obsolete, that Gutenprint should query any 
CM Framework as you whished

Do you have any idea, how in the g-c-m / colord environment, printer 
driver metadata of the valid ICC-profile of a print job are extracted 
from the ICC-profile and integrated in the CUPS print stream as IPP 
attributes ?
- Which tool has to this job ?
- What would be part of colord in the workflow ?


Questions about CPD and PDF with Output Intent:
Am I correct, that CPD provides an GUI for the creation of print spool 
files ?
If yes, the actions in the CPD dialogues control how PDF print spool 
files are generated, and if the printer profile will be embedded as 
output intent into the PDF print spool file.

Thinking about possible dialogues for such cases makes sense, when 
applications will be able to work with ICC-profiles on object-level and 
when the toolkits for PDF print spool file creation will be able to 
honour the ICC-profiles in objects from the applications and add an 
Output Intent to the PDF print spool file.

Currently, both on application level and on toolkit level for PDF print 
spool file creation, we are far away from such kind of ICC support.

At the current stage, I would recommend, that we concentrate on 
workflows, where the print spool PDF are DeviceRGB and "..toraster" is 
doing a color transformation from sRGB to printer profile specified 
through CPD according qualifiers, which are embedded into the installed 
printer profiles in an user environment.

Best regards

Am 20.06.11 20:12, schrieb Till Kamppeter:
> On 06/20/2011 07:46 PM, Richard Hughes wrote:
>> On 20 June 2011 17:56, Jan-Peter Homann<homann at colormanagement.de>  
>> wrote:
>>> Richard,
>>> What do you think about Hal愀 proposed workflow for transporting the 
>>> driver
>>> settings as part of the CUPS printing stream ?
>> I think if a PDF has an embedded output profile, then we should use
>> that instead of querying colord.
>> Richard.
> Why not letting the CPD doing the following:
> The preset menu shows the following presets:
> 1. All defined by APPrinterPreset keywords in the PPD file
> 2. One for each locally available ICC profile which has driver settings
>    embedded
> 3. An additional "Embedded profile" entry if the PDF input has a color
>    profile with driver settings embedded. This is always set to be the
>    default if present
> If the user chooses the "Embedded profile" entry (3), the profile 
> stays in the PDF, if he chooses one of the local profiles (2), this 
> profile gets embedded and if needed, the currently embedded profile 
> removed. If he chooses a preset from the PPD (1), no profile gets 
> embedded. If the user selects individual settings, a profile gets only 
> embedded, if the settings match the driver settings of one of the 
> profiles.
> If CUPS receives a job with embedded color profile, the embedded 
> profile is used. Otherwise it is checked whether a color profile 
> linked in the PPD file matches with the driver settings as defined in 
> the PPD and then that profile gets used.
> The option settings are set to the settings embedded in the profile 
> when (2) or (3) is used. These settings are then sent to CUPS as IPP 
> attributes, like settings which the user selects manually in the 
> dialog. So all filters including the printer driver (rasterto...) get 
> the correct driver settings. So there is no need to embed a color 
> profile in CUPS Raster data.
>    Till

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