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Jan-Peter Homann homann at colormanagement.de
Tue Jun 21 02:26:30 PDT 2011

Hello Till and all,
We are currently talking about quite different workflow concepts:

 From my understanding, the user actions in the print dialogue created 
through CPD are specifying, which printer profile is valid for a print job.

This would lead to a two step workflow:
1) the user controls via CPD which output intent is embedded into the 
PDF print spool file
2) CPD extracts the driver settings from printer ICC profile and 
integrates it as IPP attributes into to CUPS print stream.

As the printer profile is already specifies in step 1), CPD could 
extract the driver settings already in this step.
Only for the very special case, that the application handles the 
complete colormanagement for the PDF print spool file creation, CPD 
would have to extract the driver settings from the Output intent of the 
incoming PDF file.

For the colormanaged print chain, a workflow, where the application is 
doing the complete colormanagement for the print spool file, we may 
could run in situations, where the user specifies a printer profile in 
the application and a media setting in the print dialogues, which will 
not fit together.

If we allow workflows, where the application could specify a printer 
profile with embedded driver settings, we would need a mechanism, that 
the application tells CPD to disable the choosers for mediatype and 

So I would recommend to concentrate first on workflows, where the CPD 
media selection for printing is the master for the automatic selection 
of the printer profile.

Best regards

Last but not le

Am 21.06.11 11:01, schrieb Till Kamppeter:
> On 06/21/2011 10:57 AM, Richard Hughes wrote:
>> On 21 June 2011 09:44, Jan-Peter Homann<homann at colormanagement.de>  
>> wrote:
>>> Do you have any idea, how in the g-c-m / colord environment, printer 
>>> driver
>>> metadata of the valid ICC-profile of a print job are extracted from the
>>> ICC-profile and integrated in the CUPS print stream as IPP attributes ?
>>> - Which tool has to this job ?
>> I don't think this will work, for reasons I've detailed on this
>> mailing list a few times before.
> The CPD can extract an ICC profile from the incoming PDF and also take 
> driver settings out of an ICC profile.
>    Till

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