[Openicc] Color-managed printing on Linux with current CUPS: Fact or fiction?

Derek Lambert csync at colorforest.net
Sat Jan 28 11:06:53 PST 2012

Remind me again what is the reason to use Linux over OS X or Windows besides that is free?

Hobby does not count. I have one already.

Best Regards,

Derek Lambert

On Jan 28, 2012, at 1:17 PM, edmund ronald <edmundronald at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi Folks,
> I have just had a conversation with Kai-Uwe, it appears that the general
> release CUPS is now capable of doing profile conversions and so, basically
> if one sets up a print queue properly and writes a profile name into the
> PPD then conversion to that profile should happen. If by some miracle CUPS
> treats untagged images as sRGB, then basically it should be possible to
> print files from *ANY * app correctly if one manages to get the current
> printer profiled and the profile name into the active PPD and doesn't mess
> up media settings between prints.
> Training users to set up a new print queue for each media type and leave
> the settings alone after  printing would mean they would have a nice
> color-managed system, at least printer-side, provided the profile were
> shoehorned in.
> And of course if Gutenprint knew how to install specific purpose printer
> queues for certain printer/media combos, and supplied profiles, then color
> would be very good out of the box with those specific media.
> Is the above fact or fiction? How should it be done on what existing
> distributions?
> Edmund
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