[Openicc] Extra metadata keys for review

Guy K. Kloss guy.kloss at aut.ac.nz
Sun May 6 03:59:56 PDT 2012

On 06/05/12 18:45, Richard Hughes wrote:
> As discussed with Kai-Uwe, I'm presenting a list of additional
> metadata keys for review for the ICC metadata spec. I'm not
> particularity attached to the names, although they have been used in
> gnome-color-manager and dispcalgui for some time, so I'd prefer not
> changing them if possible.

I have not followed precisely what this is all about, but I like the
idea of standardising to some extent when managing meta-data. Anyway,
just looking over the proposal for the list I've noticed, that this
seems to be largely biased towards display profiles. I suppose that
makes sense, as this is the most common itch for the masses to scratch,
and where the GUI environment managers are mostly active with.

However, what about printing profiles, or input profiles (scanner, or
even camera)? What about (to make it more complicated) proofing profiles?

As I said, I'm not at all informed about the origins of this, so my
question may be naive.


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