[Openicc] Extra metadata keys for review

Florian Höch lists+openicc at hoech.org
Sun May 6 05:48:47 PDT 2012

>> RH>  SCREEN_surface          The screen panel surface type, where: "matte" ->
>> RH>  Matte, textured surface "glossy" ->  Glossy, shiny surface
>> Are these the only two values, or are they examples?
> Good question. I'm not sure the average user knows much more than if
> the screen is shiny or not. I don't actually set this in colord, but i
> know Florian does in dispcalgui.

The way it's currently used in dispcalgui is by offering a form to enter 
several screen properties if a user chooses to upload a profile to the 
ICC Profile Taxi database, so that this info may be used by other users 
with the same screen to set it up the same way or find out if an 
uploaded profile is even applicable (e.g. some Notebook and Laptop 
models may use different panels, so SCREEN_surface is atm just a crude 
way to be able to distinguish obvious panel differences. Ideally, those 
differences should be distinguished by the EDID, but it may not be 
always possible, ie. if the EDID is too generic). The only choices in 
dispcalgui are "matte", "glossy" and "" (not set, in which case the key 
will not be present) atm.

>> RH>  CONNECTION_type         The connection type of the video output, where:
>> RH>  "internal" ->  Internal digital, e.g. LVDS; "vga" ->  Analogue VGA;
>> "dvi" ->>  Digital DVI; "hdmi" ->  Digital HDMI; "displayport" ->  Digital
>> RH>  DisplayPort
>> Good. Are there any devices that use, for example, internal displayport? In other words is internal/external an orthogonal variable to connection type?
> You have internal displayport in new (I think unreleased) laptops. I
> think _type is probably orthogonal, but that then suggests another
> key:
> CONNECTION_physical = The physical connector connection, either
> "internal" or "external".

My original idea was CONNECTION_type referring to an actual physical 
connection (if applicable), as a means to be able to prevent, say, an 
profile shared on Taxi that was created for a screen attached over 
digital DVI to be used (maybe on a different machine) with the same 
screen (model) attached over analogue VGA. For an internal connection 
(e.g. Laptop/Notebook), there's usually no choice, so it's not a source 
for error in that case.

>> RH>    * DATA_source for when you've used a tool should "characterisation",
>> RH>  although it's longer and we have to decide on en_US or en_UK.
>> How about "measured". That encapsulates both the calibration and the characterisation phases.
> That sounds perfect.

May I suggest "measurement"? Although I'm fine with "measured" too if 
that's better.

Florian Höch

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