[Openicc] Gutenprint mission as Linux moves towards color managed workflows

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Sun May 13 04:48:13 PDT 2012


 100% in agreement with all your recommendations.


> What we need here then is a standardized CUPS filter option (like there
> are already options as "number-up", "page-ranges", ... in the CUPS filter
> system) to turn off color management. It could be a boolean option named
>   color-management
> which is set to "on" by default and sending a job with the command line
> option or IPP attribute
>   color-management=off
> would execute the job with the normal filter chain but all color
> management being turned off.
> Supplying this option makes CUPS simply add "color-management=off" to the
> fifth command line argument of all filters it calls, so the filters could
> react appropriately.
> The option default can be also changed with an entry in
> /etc/cups/printers.conf (which can be generated by the "lpadmin" command.
> On Linux systems these are all filters calling Ghostscript, which means
> gstoraster (ghostscript package), pdftops (cups-filters package),
> foomatic-rip (foomatic-filters package). They are all under my
> maintainership and I would add the option without problems. I would also
> contact free software driver developers to add the option if needed.
> Richard, could you help me to get the "color-management=off" option
> correctly implemented in the mentioned CUPS filters? Thanks.
> For Mac servers we will need to contact Mike Sweet, as filters of the
> Mac's proprietary PDF workflow will have to get changed.
> It would be also very easy to add a checkbox option to any printing dialog
> which makes the jobs being sent with "color-management=off" or
> "color-management=on" depending on the setting. I would call it something
> like
>   Turn off color management (for calibration)
> and put ity into some "Advanced" group. But this has to be decided by the
> desktop UI designers.
>   Till
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