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Jan-Peter Homann homann at colormanagement.de
Tue May 15 01:30:12 PDT 2012

Hello to all, some feedback from a non-developer:

The color transformation from the document space to printer colorspace 
can be done in several places:
- local application like e.g. gimp, scribus or other
- CUPS filter like e.g. GhostScript, Poppler
- Printer Driver like e.g. Turoprint

For working with printer profiles, it is necessary, that the whole chain 
application->CUPS-Filter->Driver is transparent to the enduser, and that 
the enduser can be shure, that there is no double or triple 
transformation of print data in the chain. Reaching such transparency is 
a very challinging tasks, which has not been solved till today in Mac OS 
X or Windows environments incl. Adobe applications and drivers of the 
main printer vendor.

Typical tasks for endusers are:
1) decide, where the printer profile should be used (application, 
CUPS/Filter, Driver)
2) Configure the chain, to avoid double or triple color transformations
3) create or choose a printing queue / driver setting which relates to 
the printer profile
     3a. Install a standard printer profile for this queue / setting 
(This could be also a printer profile which have embedded driver settings)
     3b. Optionally print a testchart  for profiling

 From my experience of making printer profiles since 15 years, it makes 
a lot of sense, that the tasks of:
- choosing the driver setting (optional with calibration / setup of inkl 
limits, ...)
- printing the testchart
- measuring the testchart and calculating the printer profile
- connecting the printer profile and the driver settings

are done in very controlled environment. If possible I would prefer a 
solution which by passes CUPS and any filters and sends the testchart 
for profiling as bitmap data direct to the printer driver (e.g. 
(For shure it helps very much, if we have optional a controlled way to 
send profiling testcharts through the CUPS / Filter chain. If this is 
the case, I would recommend, that the printed testchart has an 
additional control slug / text line, which documents the color settings 
of the CUPS queue and all involved filters)

In a LINUX environment with ArgyllCMS and Gutenprint, I would prefer a 
special application, which guides the user through the differnt steps 
for profiling the printer and which has a direct connection to ArgyllCMS 
and Gutenprint.

A basic scenario for a first version of such applicazion could be:
- Choose a predefined Gutenprint setup (creating such setups and 
calibration is a task for a future version)
- Choose your measurement instrument
- Choose the testchart
- Send the testchart as bitmap directly to Gutenprint
- Measure the testchart
- Calculate the printer profile automatically with ArgyllCMS
- Embedd the Gutenprint Settings as Metadata into the printer profile

Perfect would be, when the printer profile would be automatically 
configured in the printing enviroment. But this tasl is very dependend 
from the choosen printing environment. If Oyranos or colord is part of 
the printing enviroment and connected to the profiling application, the 
automatic configuration of the printer profile should be possible.

Best regards

Am 15.05.12 04:12, schrieb edmund ronald:
> The previously cited reference [1] is clearly written and well argued, 
> at Gutenprint we can live with it, let's give some names and values to 
> the actual flags used eg. as per Mike's suggestion and get on with 
> pushing this thing out the door!
> We might also include [1] as a whole in the documentation so that 
> domain specialists can understand what we are doing.
> Edmund
> [1] http://lists.freedesktop.org/archives/openicc/2011q2/003659.html
> On Tue, May 15, 2012 at 3:58 AM, Graeme Gill <graeme at argyllcms.com 
> <mailto:graeme at argyllcms.com>> wrote:
>     James Cloos wrote:
>     > I do hope we end up with an option which is *much* shorter than, eg,
>     > org.linuxfoundation.color-managed or the like.  Something more like
>     > OPColorManaged would be nicer.  A longer description can be provided
>     > in the ppd.
>     I did draft this at the time <http://www.argyllcms.com/SCPS_Tag.txt>
>     as a point for discussion.
>     Graeme Gill.
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