[Openicc] [Fwd: icm profiles in debian]

Bernhard Reiter ockham at raz.or.at
Sat Feb 2 07:51:23 PST 2013

Forwarding this to the OpenICC maling list requesting their help as per
suggestion of user oy (Kai-Uwe Behrmann) in #scribus.

Kind regards
Bernhard Reiter
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-------- Weitergeleitete Nachricht --------
> Von: Stuart Prescott <stuart at debian.org>
> An: Oleksandr Moskalenko <malex at debian.org>, Jonas Smedegaard
> <dr at jones.dk>, Bernhard Reiter <ockham at raz.or.at>
> Betreff: icm profiles in debian
> Datum: Sat, 2 Feb 2013 00:58:58 +0000
> Dear icc-profiles-free maintainers,
> You may or may not have noticed a series of bugs filed about the inclusion of 
> sRGB.icm from HP in a variety of different packages. Modified versions of this 
> file are not distributable so inclusion in packages fails DFSG #3. We now have 
> bugs #657281, #699301, #699304, #699305 and #699306 for packages that 
> include this file.
> While trying to understand what can be done to solve this problem, I realised 
> that a number of other packages also contained ICC/ICM profiles (e.g. krita, 
> argyll, lcms, icc-profiles-free etc) and that there was a chance that one of 
> these Free profiles would be suitable as an immediate replacement for the 
> problematic profile currently in Debian. (I also wondered if these package 
> should be using icc-profiles rather than shipping their own versions, but 
> that's another question for another day.)
> At this stage, however, I reach my limit of knowledge about colour profiles and 
> hope that perhaps one of you would be able to provide advice on the 
> abovementioned bugs. Can one of the other sRGB.icm in Debian that claims to 
> come from lcms or scarse and be under a permissive licence be used as a drop-
> in replacement for this file? Can the icc file from icc-profiles-free be 
> utilised? If this can be done, then we potentially have a nice solution to 5 
> RC bugs...
> cheers
> Stuart
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