Donation of 10 ePass2003 to seahorse and p11-glue projects

Jean-Michel Pouré - GOOZE jmpoure at
Thu Dec 15 04:54:12 PST 2011

Dear friends,

In order to help you with seahorse and p11-glue projects, GOOZE is happy
to donate 10 ePass2003 USB tokens to Gnome interested developers.

To register for a free ePass2003, please visit:

The ePass2003 weights only 6 grams and is based on a single european
chip certified with Common Criteria EAL 5+. The ePass is compatible with
OpenSC free software framework, thus providing a sing interface for
GNU/Linux, Mac OS X and Windows. 

In short, the ePass2003 offers:
* ISO 7816 / CCID.
* Algorithms: RSA 1024/2048bit; DES/3DES; SHA1/SHA2 ; MD5.
* Memory space: 64KB.
* USB 1.1/2.0 compliant.
* Standards: CE, FCC, RoHS.
* Data rentention: at least 10 years.

To learn more about the features, download our CD with full

Do not forget to fill the information about your past contributions, we
only offer the token to Free Software developers.

Kind regards,
                  Jean-Michel Pouré - Gooze -
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