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Hello Stef,

sorry for later answer but I was busy doing some android development :)

> BTW, we've integrated some PKCS#11 management into Seahorse (the GNOME
> key manager) as well, and hopefully more will come. I'm just completing
> a project to get basic smart card operations working in Seahorse.

Well I would like to create a little more specialized tool that would
leverage more cryptoki features and for example would allow one to specify
attributes of generated/imported objects, edit attributes of existing
objects etc. Please correct me if I'm wrong but I think these are
"advanced" features not needed by the most seahorse users.

> The big thing that's missing with all these solutions is of course:
> initialization of smart cards :S And that's because each smart card does
> it differently.

I am not aware of this problem. C_InitToken worked for me all the time. But
maybe I was just lucky with middleware :)

> gnome-keyring has a protocol in the rpc-layer code which allows
> marshalling of a good deal of pkcs11 to another process. In fact
> Corentin Chary has taken that code and and stripped it down into a
> project called pkcs11-proxy [1].

I've seen gkr-rpc and pkcs11-proxy fork before and I am still considering
which one to take as a start-up for my project :) It is a little harder to
find pkcs11-proxy modifications as they reformatted code, but it seems they
didn't change that much. I would like to redesign the daemon part and
change it to forking one. It would allow accepting more client connections
on socket. Also each child would init PCKS11 library by itself so they
should not interfere.

> We were thinking of including that RPC functionality in p11-kit. Is that
> something that would interest you?

Sure, but it depends on what do you mean by "including". As far as I know
p11-kit is standalone library. Would you like to add rpc library and daemon
to p11-kit? Or did you mean some other sort of integration?

Kind Regards / S pozdravom

Jaroslav Imrich
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