ANNOUNCE: p11-kit 0.2

Stef Walter stefw at
Thu Jul 7 09:59:25 PDT 2011

Announcing a new release of p11-kit: 0.2

p11-kit is a key component in using PKCS#11 modules from multiple
libraries and applications running together on a desktop or elsewhere.
Several of the issues that it solves are documented here:

What's new in 0.2

 * Add new handling for the pinfile bits of PKCS#11 URIs. This allows
   applications and libraries to coordinate how they prompt the user
   or get PIN where necessary.

 * Many bug fixes and tweaks

Many thanks to everyone who contributed with review and testing :)

Detailed changes in 0.2

Stef Walter (18):
      Make target for uploading release.
      Bump version number.
      Ignore files without a 'module' value.
      Refactor configuration
      Store last failure message per thread.
      Complete testing of global config files and directories.
      Complete documentation for message functionality.
      By default use /etc/pkcs11 for system configs and not ${prefix}
      Fixed typos and made options clearer.
      Update pkcs11.h with PKCS#11 2.20 ammendments.
      Fix logic error loading registered modules.
      Implement support for registering and calling pinfile callbacks
      Rename p11_kit_pin_read_pinfile to p11_kit_pin_retrieve
      Add P11KitPin structure, which encapsulates a returned pin.
      Add documentation for PIN callbacks.
      More fine tuning of the pin APIs.
      List labels of all tokens in 'p11-kit -l'
      Release version 0.2




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