ANNOUNCE: p11-kit 0.3

Stef Walter stefw at
Fri Jul 29 05:14:58 PDT 2011

Announcing a new release of p11-kit: 0.3

p11-kit is a key component in using PKCS#11 modules from multiple
libraries and applications running together on a desktop or elsewhere.
Several of the issues that it solves are documented here:

What's new in 0.3

 * Rewrite hash table, and simplify licensing.
 * Correct paths for p11-kit config files.
 * Many build fixes and tweaks.

Many thanks to everyone who contributed with patches, review and testing :)

Detailed changes in 0.3

Colin Walters (2):
      build: Make work
      configure: Use $sysconfdir for p11_system_conf, not hardcoded /etc

Roman Bogorodskiy (2):
      Use AC_SEARCH_LIBS instead of AC_CHECK_LIB for dlopen() for *BSD.
      Fix building with NLS enabled.

Stef Walter (11):
      Bump version number, and tweak upload procedure
      pin: Fix uninitialized variable
      Ignore some built files after recent changes.
      Expand the various pkcs11 config paths properly.
      Reimplement and remove apache licensed bits of code.
      Create a link for the proxy module.
      Cleanup documentation warnings
      Fix bug in hashtable rewrite.
      Add libtool style versioning variables to p11-kit
      Make link point to
      Release version 0.3




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