pkcs11 module search paths

Andreas Metzler ametzler at
Fri Oct 21 10:22:00 PDT 2011


Debian (and Ubuntu) are in the process of converting to multi-arch.
This aims at making it easily possible to install and run e.g. amd64
binary packages on an i386 system. (or arm ones, using qemu to run
them). A major step of the process is changing installation parts,
libraries go to /usr/lib/<triplet>[1] and /lib/<triplet> instead of
/usr/lib or /lib respectively. 

This also changes the location of PKCS#11 modules, they previously
lived in /usr/lib/pkcs11 but will move to /usr/lib/<triplet>/pkcs11.
We will have a transition phase where part of the modules have moved.
Could libp11-kit0 be changed to support searching modules in both

On a sidenote, is installed directly to $(libdir)
instead of $(libdir)/pkcs11 where p11-kit and other PKCS#11 software
would be searching.
cu andreas

[1] e.g. i386-linux-gnu

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