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Wed Apr 3 03:51:56 PDT 2013

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On 02.04.2013 23:44, LRN wrote:
> On 02.04.2013 23:49, Stef Walter wrote:
>> Thanks for digging into the issue.
>> Looking forward to hearing how it goes (on a newly filed
>> bugzilla bug if possible).
> Done.

I also filed a new bug about the path handling. Thanks for your review
and testing.

> Also, completely unrelated: what should i pass on
> --with-trust-paths? HTML docs speak of a pkg-config invocation that
> shows trust path, but that variable is not in the .pc file. 
> TRUST_PATHS is used at runtime only once, in module.c, so it must
> be a string constant. Since it's parsed, it should have appropriate
> path separators (now that different separators are used). The thing
> is, they shouldn't be hard-coded absolute paths on W32, yet i'm not
> sure the code has a concept of runtime prefix. And the value that
> pkg-config should return should be completely different, i.e.
> ${prefix}/foo/bar (like that, verbatim; pkg-config will substitute
> ${prefix} at runtime).

Well I'm not sure the trust module is really what we want on Windows,
to be honest. Instead we should be using the central CAPI certificate

In order for programs/libraries and so on not to each have both
PKCS#11 code and CAPI code, I should dust off the p11-capi module, and
make it compatible with (and good win32 replacement for) the trust module.


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