ANNOUNCE: p11-kit 0.19.2

Stef Walter stefw at
Mon Aug 12 03:41:37 PDT 2013

On 25.07.2013 20:58, Stef Walter wrote:
> On 25.07.2013 14:35, Ludwig Nussel wrote:
>> Stef Walter wrote:
>>> This is an unstable development release.
>>> Of note, is that in this release the default path for user config is
>>> changed to fit in line with the XDG basedir spec. By default user
>>> config is loaded from ~/.config/pkcs11
>>> What's new in 0.19.2
>>> --------------------
>>>   * Add basic 'trust anchor' command to store a new anchor
>>>   * Support for writing out trust token objects
>>>   * Port to use CKA_PUBLIC_KEY_INFO and updated trust store spec
>> That one (7d4941715b5afc2ef8ea18716990d28965737c70) breaks all the
>> exporting and the workaround for the Entrust Root
>> ( causes an error
>> message to be printed.
> Yes. That's right. The attributes involved in stapled certificate
> extensions have been in flux (as stated in the file and elsewhere). I've
> posted a new revision of the spec regarding this recently. Thus the changes.

Attached is the new .p11-kit supplemental file. Note that the file
format is not yet stable or public, thus the changes. The aim is to have
the PKCS#11 attributes in the format be stable before 0.20.x



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label: "Add missing BasicConstraints for Entrust root"
id: "%55%e4%81%d1%11%80%be%d8%89%b9%08%a3%31%f9%a1%24%09%16%b9%70"
x-public-key-info: "%30%82%01%22%30%0d%06%09%2a%86%48%86%f7%0d%01%01%01%05%00%03%82%01%0f%00%30%82%01%0a%02%82%01%01%00%ad%4d%4b%a9%12%86%b2%ea%a3%20%07%15%16%64%2a%2b%4b%d1%bf%0b%4a%4d%8e%ed%80%76%a5%67%b7%78%40%c0%73%42%c8%68%c0%db%53%2b%dd%5e%b8%76%98%35%93%8b%1a%9d%7c%13%3a%0e%1f%5b%b7%1e%cf%e5%24%14%1e%b1%81%a9%8d%7d%b8%cc%6b%4b%03%f1%02%0c%dc%ab%a5%40%24%00%7f%74%94%a1%9d%08%29%b3%88%0b%f5%87%77%9d%55%cd%e4%c3%7e%d7%6a%64%ab%85%14%86%95%5b%97%32%50%6f%3d%c8%ba%66%0c%e3%fc%bd%b8%49%c1%76%89%49%19%fd%c0%a8%bd%89%a3%67%2f%c6%9f%bc%71%19%60%b8%2d%e9%2c%c9%90%76%66%7b%94%e2%af%78%d6%65%53%5d%3c%d6%9c%b2%cf%29%03%f9%2f%a4%50%b2%d4%48%ce%05%32%55%8a%fd%b2%64%4c%0e%e4%98%07%75%db%7f%df%b9%08%55%60%85%30%29%f9%7b%48%a4%69%86%e3%35%3f%1e%86%5d%7a%7a%15%bd%ef%00%8e%15%22%54%17%00%90%26%93%bc%0e%49%68%91%bf%f8%47%d3%9d%95%42%c1%0e%4d%df%6f%26%cf%c3%18%21%62%66%43%70%d6%d5%c0%07%e1%02%03%01%00%01"
class: x-certificate-extension
value: "%30%0f%06%03%55%1d%13%01%01%ff%04%05%30%03%01%01%ff"

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