how to make gnutls trust p11-kit's ca-anchors?

Stef Walter stef at
Wed Jul 10 22:50:46 PDT 2013

On 04.07.2013 18:08, Ludwig Nussel wrote:
> Stef Walter wrote:
>> On 04.07.2013 16:19, David Woodhouse wrote:
>>> On Thu, 2013-07-04 at 16:17 +0200, Stef Walter wrote:
>>>> Nikos, is there a way to build gnutls so that it uses "pkcs11:" CA
>>>> trust
>>>> URL by default without every app having to specify it?
>>> configure --with-default-trust-store-pkcs11=pkcs11: ?
>> Bingo. Thanks.
> That's exactly how I would like to have gnutls configured on openSUSE
> by default. I'll try your gnutls patch. Thanks!

One thing to note is that gnutls only looks up anchors, and doesn't
check blacklists. That's fine, it's a good start.

But if you use 'p11-kit extract --filter=ca-anchors' (or similar) it'll
at least remove blacklisted anchors from the extracted data. So there's
sligthly different behavior when gnutls uses an extracted bundle, as
opposed to reading anchors directly from 'pkcs11:'

In order to get gnutls retrieving blacklists, we need to finish up the
data model. I just posted about one of the last big issues with that
(the layering) and hope to have it tied up soon, so we can implement it
in gnutls.



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