ANNOUNCE: p11-kit 0.16.0

Stef Walter stefw at
Mon Mar 4 10:11:19 PST 2013

Announcing a new release of p11-kit. This is a stable release (at least
that's the idea :)

This release contains mainly minor and build fixes to 0.16.0

What's new in 0.16.0

 * Update the pkcs11.h header for new mechanisms
 * Fix build and tests on mingw64 (ie: win32)
 * Relicense LGPL code to BSD license
 * Documentation tweaks
 * Pull translations from Transifex [#60792]
 * Build fixes [#61739, #60894, #61740]

Many thanks to everyone who contributed with review, patches and testing :)

Detailed changes in 0.16.0

Roman Bogorodskiy (1):
      Fix missing bracket in trust module check

Stef Walter (24):
      Relicense the buffer code appropriate for inclusion in p11-kit
      Pull translations from transifex
      Move pkcs11.conf and module documentation to a manual page
      Only do shared object and DLL initialization in libraries
      Update the pkcs11.h header for missing mechanisms
      Rename p11_module_xxx() compat functions to p11_dl_xxx()
      tools: Update comments for cacerts jks format
      Add compat implementation of basename()
      Use putenv() instead of setenv()
      Abstract mmap() into a compat API
      Add compat strndup() function
      Add compat vasprintf() and asprintf() functions
      Add compat mkstemp() and mkdtemp() functions
      Add compat gmtime_r() and timegm() functions
      Open files in binary mode on windows
      Fix syntax errors in OS_WIN32 ifdefs
      Don't use wchar_t for storing unicode characters
      Use mingw compatible coverage flags
      Windows doesn't support symlinks, chmod, or atomic renames
      Initialize modules correctly in tests
      Remove duplicate typedef
      Redo mock.h header in order to relicense
      Build with the libtasn1 CFLAGS properly
      Release version 0.16.0




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