ANNOUNCE: p11-kit 0.19.1

Stef Walter stefw at
Mon May 27 01:44:25 PDT 2013

This is an unstable development release. It introduces a some new
refactored API, and unfortunately deprecates some commonly used functions.

As discussed earlier on the mailing list, this adds a dependency on
libffi. It is optional, but just barely. It is only optional because
certain embedded platforms may have difficulty with it. It is not
recommended that any distro make this a build option or build p11-kit
without libffi.

The reason for the API change, is that we need multiple callers of
p11-kit to keep their own state and PKCS#11 module pointers, rather than
relying on a global list.

What's new in 0.19.1

 * Refactor API to be able to handle managed modules
 * Deprecate much of old p11-kit API
 * Implement concept of managed modules
 * Make C_CloseAllSessions function work for multiple callers
 * New dependency on libffi
 * Fix possible threading problems reported by hellgrind
 * Add log-calls option
 * Mark p11_kit_message() as a stable function
 * Use our own unit testing framework

Detailed changes between 0.18.2 and 0.19.1

Stef Walter (18):
      Implement valgrind's hellgrind checks for threading problems
      Fail early when running
      Add subclassable CK_X_FUNCTION_LIST
      Use libffi to implement mixins for managed code
      p11-kit: Managed PKCS#11 module loading
      Update the proxy module to use managed PKCS#11 modules
      Manage C_CloseAllSessions function for multiple callers
      Add the log-calls module config option
      Bump the version number to unstable
      Support /xxx/yyy as an absolute path with Win32
      Pull the argv parsing code into its own file
      Further reorganization of the core module tracking
      Our own unit testing framework
      Fix up files for automake 1.13 warnings
      Bump the version for deprecated function documentation
      Fix building of applications using CRYPTOKI_GNU style
      Mark p11_kit_message() as a stable function
      Release version 0.19.1




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