[PATCH] trust: allow to also add openssl style hashes to pem-directory

Ludwig Nussel ludwig.nussel at suse.de
Wed Jan 8 07:10:51 PST 2014

Stef Walter wrote:
> On 06.12.2013 10:03, Ludwig Nussel wrote:
>> For backward compatibility with older openssl and other libs like
>> gnutls /etc/ssl/certs needs to be created as pem-directory rather
>> than openssl-directory on openSUSE. Therefore also allow to install
>> openssl style hashes there to avoid having to call c_rehash with a
>> script.
> So sorry for the delay. :S

No problem :-)

> My email has been snowed in. In general I think this is a useful
> addition. I just don't really think we should be using the environment
> variable to control it.

I agree, it was just a quick hack to not break our repo.

> Could you add a new --format=pem-hash-directory for this mode? Does that
> work for you? If you don't have time to come back to this, let me know
> and I'll fix up the patch.

I'm a bit busy the following two weeks but we are not in a hurry. So
I'll follow up later.


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