Pkcs11Admin - GUI tool for administration of PKCS#11 enabled devices

Jaroslav Imrich jaroslav.imrich at
Sun Jan 4 10:35:47 PST 2015

Hello all,

this list deals with PKCS#11 related topics so I hope you won't mind if I
announce here the first technology preview release of Pkcs11Admin [0]
application which aims to be a feature complete GUI tool for administration
of PKCS#11 enabled devices.

Pkcs11Admin uses GPLv3 licensing it is written in C# and runs under .NET
4.5 on MS Windows and under Mono 3.X on Linux and Mac OS X. GUI on
non-windows platforms is currently little rough because I am focusing on
adding missing features on Windows first and I plan to optimize the code
for other platforms later.

Anyway I would be grateful if anyone interested could test the app and
report any problems or just share his thoughts about the application with
me. Any feedback is greatly appreciated.

Regards, Jaroslav

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