patch set for #90289

Stef Walter stefw at
Mon Jun 29 04:59:23 PDT 2015

On 24.06.2015 10:03, Nikos Mavrogiannopoulos wrote:
> This patch set eliminates two issues in the proxy module:
> 1. A process using the proxy module would crash if at some point after
> initializing it would fork(). - patch set 0001-0002
> 2. A process using the proxy module would call C_Finalize in a child
> process. - patch set 0003-0004
> The issue (1) is very tricky to debug, the reason that the crash
> happened on the parent is not clear to me (they are different processes
> after all). The crash is in binding_C_Finalize() after having passed
> from ffi. See the comments in 0004 for the fix.

Thanks Nikos. This is a great bug fix. Merged into git master, with just
one change: use #if to avoid calling ffi_free_closure().

The patches I merged were these:

David, do you have time to do a bit of smoke testing? When I get the
green light from you, I'll backport this into 0.22.x series and do a


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