ANNOUNCE: p11-kit 0.23.6

Daiki Ueno dueno at
Fri May 26 16:01:58 UTC 2017

This is a development release.

What's new in 0.23.6

 * Port "p11-kit server" to Windows and portability fixes of the RPC
   protocol [PR#67, PR#72, PR#74]
 * Recover the old behavior of "trust anchor --remove" [PR#70, PR#71]
 * Build fixes [PR#63 ...]

Detailed changes between 0.23.5 and 0.23.6

Daiki Ueno (21):
      remote: Fix typo when writing a credential byte
      Revert "trust: Honor "modifiable" setting in persist file"
      trust: Check magic comment in persist file for modifiablity
      trust: Simplify the check for the magic
      build: Add fuzzer using AFL
      rpc: Return early if call_id of request is ERROR
      rpc: Convert attribute value for portability
      rpc: Add a comment why we call _get_attribute() twice
      rpc: Factor out attribute value serializer definitions
      rpc: Fix typo in encoding CK_DATE value
      pkcs11: Make CK_RSA_PKCS_OAEP_PARAMS useful
      pkcs11: Define RSA-PSS mechanism parameter
      rpc: Convert mechanism parameters for portability
      remote: Name command line options consistently
      rpc: New p11_kit_remote_serve_tokens function
      server: Port to Windows
      doc: Clarify p11-kit server documentation
      remote: Remove unnecessary declaration
      rpc: Load advapi32.dll on the fly
      test: Check the size of unsigned long
      Release 0.23.6

Daniel Black (1):
      correct text for --user-config option


Daiki Ueno
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