ANNOUNCE: p11-kit 0.23.10

Daiki Ueno dueno at
Tue Feb 27 15:50:02 UTC 2018

This is a development release.

What's new in 0.23.10

 * filter: Respect "write-protected" vendor-specific attribute in
   PKCS#11 URI [PR#129]
 * server: Improve shell integration and documentation [PR#107, PR#108]
 * proxy: Reuse existing slot ID mapping in after fork() [PR#120]
 * trust: Forcibly mark "Default Trust" read-only [PR#123]
 * New function p11_kit_override_system_files() which can be used for
   testing [PR#110]
 * trust: Filter out duplicate extensions [PR#69]
 * Update translations [PR#128]
 * Bug fixes [PR#125, PR#126]

Detailed changes between 0.23.9 and 0.23.10

Daiki Ueno (34):
      server: Make it possible to eval envvar settings
      server: Better shell integration
      build: Take advantage of parallel-tests
      travis: Use coveralls for measuring coverage
      test: Improve code coverage of filter.c
      travis: Use in-tree build for coverage
      travis: Supply necessary envvars to container for coveralls
      travis: Exclude test programs from coveralls
      build: Add to display build status
      server: Avoid null-dereference of timespec value on timeout
      proxy: Reuse the existing slot ID mapping after fork
      proxy: Remove dead code
      build: Delay compilation of test-related stuff
      trust: Filter out duplicate extensions
      build: Split out generated code from p11-kit/virtual.c
      travis: Exclude generated files from coverage
      build: Add more files to .gitignore
      po: Update translations from transifex
      trust: Forcibly mark "Default Trust" read-only
      doc: Replace links to to github pages
      test: Fix unconditional jump in test-proxy.c
      client: Fix memleaks in the module
      test-transport: Make sure to initialize addrlen given to accept
      server: Print envvars even when running in foreground
      test: Add test for client-server interaction
      filter: Respect CKF_WRITE_PROTECTED setting when allowing a token
      p11_kit_remote_serve_tokens: Read "write-protected" setting from URI
      test: Improve temporary directory handling
      common: Make p11_test_directory_delete() work recursively
      common, client: Move runtime directory detection to libp11-common
      test-server: Fix compilation error on FreeBSD
      test-server: Add test for detecting address
      maint: Point to the new URLs
      Release 0.23.10

Nikos Mavrogiannopoulos (3):
      p11_kit_modules_load*: enhanced documentation on flags
      p11_kit_override_system_files: introduced new function
      Added p11-kit remoting page in manual


Daiki Ueno
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