segv in p11_array_push

Daiki Ueno dueno at
Fri Jul 13 16:07:03 UTC 2018

Patrick Welche <prlw1 at> writes:

> that the obfuscation is to encourage reallocarr(3) instead. The point
> is that as reallocarray is in libc, it always will be, and AC_CHECK_LIBS
> will always find it.

Thank you for the information, that explains the issue.

> I suppose I could make a AC_CHECK_LIBS(reallocarr) patch for you, and
> use that if found, else use reallocarray. What do you think?

I am not sure if it's worth using reallocarr instead, to be honest.

It is meant for fixing a slight corner case which p11-kit doesn't care,
and is currently only available on NetBSD, while reallocarray is
available on glibc systems and FreeBSD.

So instead, I have filed a PR which adds an extra check on the function

Daiki Ueno

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