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Daiki Ueno dueno at
Mon Sep 30 13:23:59 UTC 2019


This is a stable release mostly fixing Meson build.

Note for the packagers: that this release introduces symbol versioning
of the library (both with meson and autotools builds).  That shouldn't
affect existing binaries compiled with p11-kit, once a program is built
with this version of p11-kit, it won't link to the older versions of

What's new in

 * rpc: Allow empty CK_DATE value [PR#253]
 * build: Meson fixes [PR#245]
 * build: Adjust feature parity between meson and autotools [PR#247]

Detailed changes between 0.23.17 and

Daiki Ueno (10):
      meson: Fix dictionary syntax
      travis: Run ninja install as root
      build: Add meson files in autotools distribution
      build: Import ld-version-script.m4 from gnulib
      autotools: Use symbol versioning if possible
      build: Fix undefined behavior in left shift
      rpc: Allow empty CK_DATE value
      Release 0.23.18
      build: Fix 'make distcheck'
      autotools: Add more files from meson build in distribution

Jan Alexander Steffens (heftig) (6):
      meson: Install p11-kit-client module
      meson: PKCS#11 modules should only export C_GetFunctionList
      meson: Don't prefix p11_user_config
      meson: Build and install man pages
      meson: Install p11-kit-server units
      meson: Add missing prefix to system path defines


Daiki Ueno

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