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Richard Hughes hughsient at kemper.freedesktop.org
Tue Dec 9 01:22:49 PST 2008

 NEWS                       |   55 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
 docs/html/pk-download.html |    3 +-
 2 files changed, 57 insertions(+), 1 deletion(-)

New commits:
commit 2af22847bc807cde038783f630bc51fbb2677752
Author: Richard Hughes <richard at hughsie.com>
Date:   Tue Dec 9 09:21:21 2008 +0000

    Release version 0.4.0

diff --git a/NEWS b/NEWS
index 0988227..80b103c 100644
--- a/NEWS
+++ b/NEWS
@@ -1,3 +1,58 @@
+Version 0.4.0
+Released: 2008-12-09
+- Now integrates with BASH suggesting replacements and offering to install
+  missing packages.
+- Now integrates with Pango using a gtk-module to install missing fonts.
+- Much tighter security model and new audit logging framework.
+- Lots of new, untested, code so probably not a good idea for stable distributions.
+ - Updated Swedish translation (Daniel Nylander)
+ - Updated Polish translation (Piotr DrÄ…g)
+New Features:
+ - qt: Add GetMimeTypes to Qt bindings (Adrien BUSTANY)
+ - Add a PolicyKit rule so other users can cancel tasks from other users (Richard Hughes)
+ - Add command-not-found functionality to PackageKit (Richard Hughes)
+ - Add a various possible replacement models to command not found (Richard Hughes)
+ - Use a config file to control the actions we take on command-not-found (Richard Hughes)
+ - Add a Pango module that can be used to automatically install missing fonts (Behdad Esfahbod)
+ - Set the environment variable NETWORK for the spawned backends (Richard Hughes)
+ - Get the lang and network state in the generic spawned backend (Richard Hughes)
+ - pk-generate-package-list is not used any more, remove from the man page (Anders F Bjorklund)
+ - Check the sender for SetLocale and the UID for Cancel (Richard Hughes)
+ - Fix a small memory leak in pk_transaction_action_is_allowed (Richard Hughes)
+ - Fix a small memory leak in pk_backend_package (Richard Hughes)
+ - Make a lot of new strings translatable in pkcon (Richard Hughes)
+ - Add the DBus interface now that the default send interface is now deny (Richard Hughes)
+ - Allow all clients to send to all interfaces of the server. Fixes DBus introspection. (Richard Hughes)
+ - gtk-module: Fix typos, clean up and improve README (Behdad Esfahbod)
+ - glib: Don't emit a critical warning if a desktop file contains an error (Richard Hughes)
+ - qt: Fix make check with the threaded Polkit client (Adrien BUSTANY)
+ - qt: ifdef the Polkit relevant parts for make distcheck (Adrien BUSTANY)
+ - qt: Fix the old transactions, and upgrade to new API (Adrien BUSTANY)
+ - qt: Fixed freezed UI while waiting for blocking polkit_auth_obtain call (Thomas Goettlicher)
+ - apt: Fix apt configuration (Sebastian Heinlein)
+ - poldek: Implement get_mime_types (Marcin Banasiak)
+ - yum: Catch yum.Errors.RepoError when we get the yum comps groups. Fixes fd#18722 (Richard Hughes)
+ - yum: Add a few more entries into the comps groups mapping (Richard Hughes)
+ - yum: Use the NETWORK environment variable to change the way we access the repos (Richard Hughes)
+ - yum: Remove two developer debugging statements left in by accident (Richard Hughes)
+ - yum: Try harder to work from a cache when offline (Richard Hughes)
+ - yum: Avoid hanging the daemon when a repo is down. Fixes rh#473379 (Richard Hughes)
+ - yum: Catch all exceptions from self.yumbase.doConfigSetup. Fixes fd#18834 (Richard Hughes)
+ - yum: Don't error out with an internal error if the non-installed dep check fails. Fixes rh#474138 (Richard Hughes)
+ - yum: Make sure we call doObsoletes explicitly when we get the ObsoletesTuples (Richard Hughes)
+ - yum: As we can't treat yum like a usual python module, hand-hold it. (Richard Hughes)
+ - yum: check if a package has the correct architecture, and if not exit with an error. Fixes rh#474740 (Richard Hughes)
 Version 0.3.11
 Released: 2008-11-24
diff --git a/docs/html/pk-download.html b/docs/html/pk-download.html
index 1b9b2d8..4fe9d6a 100644
--- a/docs/html/pk-download.html
+++ b/docs/html/pk-download.html
@@ -68,7 +68,7 @@ Releases are normally once every 1-2 weeks.
-<tr><td>0.4.0</td><td></td><td>(in progress)</td></tr>
 ABI Stable Versions:
@@ -79,6 +79,7 @@ Releases are less frequent, usually every few months.

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