[packagekit] error on remove/install

Ken VanDine ken at vandine.org
Thu Nov 8 08:40:49 PST 2007

Getting an error doing a remove or install, running the helper directly works fine.  What do you guys make of this?

[pk_engine_remove_package] pk-engine.c:1623 (11:38:31):  RemovePackage method called: 7;dcbaebbe;data, tmpwatch;2.9.10-2-2;x86;/conary.rpath.com at rpl:devel/2.9.10-2-2, 0
[pk_strvalidate] pk-common.c:216 (11:38:31):     invalid char in text!
[pk_transaction_list_remove_item_timeout] pk-transaction-list.c:154 (11:38:33):  transaction 5;ecbeedba;data completed, removing
[pk_backend_finalize] pk-backend.c:1753 (11:38:33):      freeing conary (0x807a898)
[pk_inhibit_remove] pk-inhibit.c:201 (11:38:33):         cannot find item 0x807a898

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