[packagekit] Multilib problems again? [Was: Re: yum requirements ...]

Matej Cepl mcepl at redhat.com
Fri Nov 9 07:28:24 PST 2007

On 2007-11-08, 18:44 GMT, Richard Hughes wrote:
> Yes, PK is multi-lib aware, although it might be tripping 
> something up that assumes the resolve should match to one 
> entry. Can you post the output of pk-application --verbose when 
> you get the error message please? Thanks dude.

It is available on 

(the distillation of IRC chat follows):

>>ceplma_< One more point, http://www.pastebin.cz/show/2329 -- it 
>seems that there is really a multilib problem here. I have 
>requested specifically x86_64 version of the package, and got 
>both of them.
>>hughsie_< ceplma_: what does pkcon resolve swfdec-mozilla„ 
>>ceplma_< [matej at hubmaier rpm]$ pkcon resolve swfdec-mozilla
>installed    swfdec-mozilla       x86_64  0.5.3-1.lvn8    
>installed    Mozilla/Gecko player Flash plugin using swfdec
>installed    swfdec-mozilla       i386    0.5.3-1.lvn8    
>installed    Mozilla/Gecko player Flash plugin using swfdec
>resolve runtime was 6.8 seconds
>[matej at hubmaier rpm]$ hughsie_: why this
>   pkcon resolve 'swfdec-mozilla;x86_64'
> doesn't work?
>>hughsie_< ceplma_: because you have to use either a full package 
>id or a search term
> ceplma_: it's a bug in the yum Resolve() method then
>>hughsie_< Resolve() should only return one entry if there are 
>multiple archs - yum should make the decision that x86_64 is what 
>you want
>>ceplma_< hughsie_: well, on the other hand:
>[matej at hubmaier rpm]$ sudo yum list installed swfdec-mozilla
>Heslo: Loading „changelog„ plugin
>Loading „protectbase„ plugin
>Loading „allowdowngrade„ plugin
>Loading „security„ plugin
>Loading „skip-broken„ plugin
>Loading „priorities„ plugin
>Excluding Packages in global exclude list
>0 packages excluded due to repository protections
>0 packages excluded due to repository priority 
>  protections
>Installed Packages
>swfdec-mozilla.x86_64     0.5.3-1.lvn8      installed
>swfdec-mozilla.i386       0.5.3-1.lvn8      installed
>[matej at hubmaier rpm]$ 
>>hughsie_< ceplma_: if you write a mail to the list i'll reply 
>and cc in tim

Which is what I do now,


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