[packagekit] exclude some upgrades

Robin Norwood rnorwood at redhat.com
Mon Nov 12 10:10:56 PST 2007

David Zeuthen <david at fubar.dk> writes:

> On Mon, 2007-11-12 at 17:33 +0000, Richard Hughes wrote:
>> The only way I think this makes sense is to have a "Update just this
>> package" button on the update detail for users that want "I only want to
>> try out the gimp update" although the use case for this seems slim
>> indeed. Yell if you want this, this would take a matter of minutes to
>> add.
> Yeah, I was thinking about this too. The ability to cherry-pick what
> updates you want is probably what we want. Though, even that may be a
> stretch. But it's probably useful in instances where the user have some
> kind of dep problem; it happens even on stable distros especially if the
> user throws 3rd party repos and RPM's into the mix.

Heck, PK could even take a stab at figuring out the offending updates,
and offering to do an update of everything else.  I don't see a way to
do it in one pass, though.


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