[packagekit] making status mandatory

Elliot Peele elliot at bentlogic.net
Wed Nov 14 16:34:33 PST 2007

For conary we need the following additional states:

resolving deps
creating rollback
committing database transaction
requesting packages/contents


On Wed, 2007-11-14 at 22:51 +0000, Richard Hughes wrote:
> A few days ago I merged into git a patch that makes status mandatory: 
> *** WARNING ***
> Backends should send status <value> signals to update the UI!
> If you are:
> * Calling out to external tools, the compiled backend should call pk_backend_change_status() manually.
> * Using a scripted backend with dumb commands then this should be set at the start of the runtime call
>    - see helpers/yumBackend.py:self.status()
> * Using a scripted backend with clever commands then a   callback should use map values into status enums
>    - see helpers/yumBackend.py:self.state_actions
> [pk_backend_finished] pk-backend.c:1093 (22:35:25):      GUI will remain unchanged!
> If your backend does not emit status for the lifetime of the transaction
> then the daemon will warn you with this big fat notice.
> Background:
> "status" is needed to know what icon to show in PkProgress and also in
> the tray icon. It seems many of the backends do not update the UI status
> even once, which is a bad thing. I've fixed up the yum backend to do
> calls to self.status(STATUS_QUERY) for search operations,
> self.status(STATUS_INFO) for information getting and then we can add
> other enums as needed.
> We can't just do this in the compiled backend as tools may have to start
> new threads or processes (or even spawn stuff like python), parse config
> files and setup environments which will take a few seconds to setup.
> status is basically a way of telling packagekit "this is the status of
> the transaction" where status could be DOWNLOAD, INSTALL, QUERY,
> DEPSOLVE etc and allows us to feed this back to the user with icons and
> tooltips. Status never corresponds to individual packages, only the
> transaction as a whole.
> Note, if you emit "package downloading foo;0.10;i386;misc" then you
> don't also have to do "status download", as the daemon is smart enough
> to work out what it should do.
> Yell if none of this makes sense and I can make it clearer. The only
> status enums I think we need to add are STATUS_DEPSOLVING - yell if
> there are any more.
> Thanks,
> Richard.
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