[packagekit] config.h oddities

Tom Parker palfrey at tevp.net
Fri Nov 16 04:41:52 PST 2007

Been doing some work with PK recently, and I've started getting some
weird results out of the configure. Namely, my config.h seems to
contain various non-expanded variables.


#define DEFAULT_BACKEND "$with_default_backend"
#define security_framework "$with_security_framework"
#define PK_DB_DIR "${prefix}/var/lib/PackageKit"

(the last one has the nasty side effect of making it impossible to run
PK as that directory won't ever exist on my system)

I'm up-to-date with the current git head, running autoconf 2.61 on
Debian (stable-testing-unstable mix). Tried re-running autogen.sh, and
still no luck.

Ideas anyone? I've run out of ideas here, but I'm probably missing
something stupid. Alternately, is the waf system ready for use?


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