[packagekit] PolicyKit: Branch 'master'

David Zeuthen david at fubar.dk
Sun Nov 18 09:32:15 PST 2007

On Sun, 2007-11-18 at 15:32 +0000, Richard Hughes wrote:
> On Sat, 2007-11-17 at 18:17 -0800, David Zeuthen wrote:
> > +
> > +    <icon_name>polkit-icon-frobnicate</icon_name>
> > +
> > <vendor_url>http://hal.freedesktop.org/docs/PolicyKit/about-frobnicating</vendor_url>
> If I add this to the PackageKit .policy files, will I break 0.5
> compatibility?

You'll need 0.6 at least; I only implemented the "ignore unknown tags"
just before releasing 0.6. It's probably fine for you to depend on 0.6;
it was released 5-6 weeks ago and is in all the distros IIRC.

Btw, did you see


that's where the icons etc. are used. If the icon can't be found it's
not fatal. Btw, you want to coordinate such that the Qt and Gtk
frontends ued the same icon names. Or alternatively provide icons in the
daemon tarball. I'd suggest the former.

Hope this helps.


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