[packagekit] some things that are not quite right in 0.1.3

Matthias Clasen matthias.clasen at gmail.com
Sun Nov 18 10:44:47 PST 2007

I hate to send these "lists of annoyances", but I guess someone has to do it...

- If there is a dependency problem in the updates, I get a bubble
informing me about that, but
then the status icon disappears, even though none of the updates have
been installed. That
looks wrong to me. The icon should stay around, perhaps change to some
icon that indicates
that updates are available, but not installable.

- In pk-application, selecting groups does not work (with the yum
backend). The list just stays empty.
Also, clicking between different groups keeps showing me a progress
bar every time. Is there no caching
of previous results ? I think that will get annoying quickly, with the
current (lack of) speed of yum.

- Groups in yum comps are hierarchical, e.g there are groups for each
language. I don't see how that
is going to work with the flat list in pk-application.

- Switching between the search and groups tabs seems to not always
update the package list, I can end
up with an inconsistent ui where the list still shows the result of my
search, which doesn't match the
selected group on the left.


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