[packagekit] Zypp backend code review

Boyd Timothy btimothy at gmail.com
Tue Nov 20 19:32:00 PST 2007

Hey everyone,

Scott and I installed our first package today with the zypp backend!
:)  Thanks to everyone so far for your help.  One thing that we're not
quite clear on is which things our backend should be emitting.  Since
we don't have everything figured out to perform extremely fast, our
installs for a simple package are taking a long time.  We haven't
added any sort of downloading or progress messages yet and the client
(pkcon and pk-install-package) are timing out.

Could someone familiar with writing backends be kind enough to quick
just glance over our code (backends/zypp/pk-backend-zypp.cpp) and let
us know whether we're using the pk_backend_* calls properly to let PK
know about our status?  Oh, and don't laugh too hard at our hacky
proof-of-concept code!



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