[packagekit] packagekit: Branch 'master' - 9 commits

Richard Hughes hughsient at gmail.com
Fri Nov 30 05:53:12 PST 2007

On Thu, 2007-11-29 at 23:54 -0800, Richard Hughes wrote:
> pk_backend_error_code (backend, PK_ERROR_ENUM_INTERNAL_ERROR, ex.asUserString().c_str() );

Boyd (and the other zypp dudes),

First and foremost: It looks like you are all rocking with the zypp
backend. Keep up the good work.

Just a friendly note: PK_ERROR_ENUM_INTERNAL_ERROR is meant to be
internal to packagekitd rather than a "I don't know which enum to
choose" value. The method for choosing error enums is to check the list
in pk-enum.h and choose one of those. If none of those are suitable then
we can create as many as we need really trivially.

For instance, I would have written that line of code:

pk_backend_error_code(backend, PK_ERROR_ENUM_UNABLE_TO_OPEN_DB, "Could
not open /var/cache/zypp/zypp.db when resolving");

And then a user gets a nice translation of the error and a useful
non-translated geeky thing to report in bugzilla.

Could you make a list of any new error enums you want to use? I can then
add them to PK and gnome-pk - you can add as many or as few as you like.

So far I can see:

pk_backend_error_code(backend, PK_ERROR_ENUM_INTERNAL_ERROR, "Failed to open database");
 - see above
pk_backend_error_code (backend, PK_ERROR_ENUM_INTERNAL_ERROR, "Error enumerating repositories");
 - what does this actually mean?
pk_backend_error_code (backend, PK_ERROR_ENUM_INTERNAL_ERROR, ex.asUserString ().c_str ());
 - you should probably try to catch the errors indivually else we've got
nothing to translate
pk_backend_error_code (backend, PK_ERROR_ENUM_UNKNOWN, "invalid search mode");
 - Is PK_ERROR_ENUM_FILTER_INVALID what you want or do we need
pk_backend_error_code (backend, PK_ERROR_ENUM_INTERNAL_ERROR, "Could not enable/disable the repo");

Please can you add to this list when you get a minute - no panic, just a
friendly note in your ear :-)



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