[packagekit] [RFC] Refresh Cache

S.Çağlar Onur caglar at pardus.org.tr
Fri Oct 26 04:25:41 PDT 2007

26 Eki 2007 Cum tarihinde, Tim Lauridsen şunları yazmıştı: 
> Something must be wrong in the doc.
> 'refresh-cache' should fetch the metedata from the repositories.

Seems so :), what about converting this method to a privileged one and maybe 
adding repo_id as a argument so users can selects repositories to be updated?

For now is it OK to push following?

diff --git a/docs/pk-introduction.xml b/docs/pk-introduction.xml
index fc3364e..be80524 100644
--- a/docs/pk-introduction.xml
+++ b/docs/pk-introduction.xml
@@ -1141,9 +1141,7 @@
         There are no arguments.
-        This should search for files.
-        This should allow an application to find out what package owns
-        a file on the system.
+        This should fetch the metedata from the repositories.
         This method typically emits

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