[packagekit] Backend API Thought.

Tim Lauridsen tla at rasmil.dk
Fri Oct 26 06:23:12 PDT 2007


I have done a little thinking about what could be useful to have in the 
packagekit backend API.

* get-group-list : Get a list groups found in the repositories.
To make it possible to make dynamic group view in a frontend client.
(search-group should be used to get the packages in the groups)
group<tab>categoryid;groupid<tab>translated categoryname;translated 
groupname<tab>translated group describtion

called text editors, these are programs that allow you to create and 
edit files. These include Emacs and Vi."
*install-group/remove-group <groupid>
Install/remove group
*get-packages<filter> : get list of packages
filter could be installed, available, recent (newly updated/added 
available packages), extras (packages install but not found in repo)
This could be used if someone will make package manager gui the show all 
installed/available packages (yumex, pirut, synaptic etc)
package <id>....

Comments, please and other suggestion there could be useful in tha 
backend API.



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