[packagekit] Semantic issues with GetDeps (and other interface functions)

Patryk Zawadzki patrys at pld-linux.org
Mon Sep 3 04:44:31 PDT 2007

On 9/2/07, Richard Hughes <hughsient at gmail.com> wrote:
> On 02/09/07, Tom Parker <palfrey at tevp.net> wrote:
> > 'k. I think I've got a better handle on the sort of dependancy
> > resolution we want here. I think a reasonable summary is
> >
> > * Pull in all "suggested" or "recommended" packages, as they will help
> > the user actually use the package they're asking to install.

Why not ask the user which of these he really needs? Especially as
there can be some mutually-exclusive packages in the suggested list.

> > * Don't remove anything unless explicitly requested.

What about "Obsoletes" matching a package name (not its "Provides") at
least in rpm?

> > * If we can't install a package *without* removing other things, fail
> > (with PK_TASK_ERROR_CODE_DEP_RESOLUTION_FAILED I presume). Assume that
> > this doesn't happen very often, and that there's another way to install
> > packages using the native packaging system.
> Yes, good summary.

Until the above two are decided upon, I can see PackageKit failing on
most operations for me.

There should also be some output-collecting service that can present
me with any output from the installation (some packages are only
usable once you read the installation output as not all things
can/should be automatic).

Patryk Zawadzki
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