[packagekit] Semantic issues with GetDeps (and other interface functions)

Matthias Clasen matthias.clasen at gmail.com
Tue Sep 4 08:18:35 PDT 2007

On 9/4/07, Ken VanDine <ken at vandine.org> wrote:
> About the getDeps questions... IMO I think the whole concept of
> showing the user the deps doesn't align with the vision of PackageKit,
> at least my interpretation of the vision.  My 75 year old mom isn't
> gonna care what the deps are at all... she just knows she wants to
> play nibbles.  I would vote to remove the deps stuff all together and
> let the backend attempt to do the right thing, raising an error if it
> can't.

I concur. Leaving dependencies out of the ui for now would be good.
The term will be meaningless to the target audience anyway...

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