[packagekit] Improved pkt tool

Tom Parker palfrey at tevp.net
Fri Sep 7 07:26:31 PDT 2007

Richard Hughes wrote:
> Have you seen pkcon and pkmon in /client? How does pkt compare to pkcon?

I'd vaguely noticed them at some point in the past, but I've just had 
another look. Couple of points
1) From the POV of the CLI, it's close to the interface I want 
eventually, except with wanting to be able to specify just a package 
name not a package_id for install (and letting it pick a version for me)
2) It doesn't catch certain classes of error e.g. if PackageKit isn't 
running, it just plain dies with no explanation (unless you've noticed 
the "verbose" option and then you get the informative "The name 
org.freedesktop.PackageKit was not provided by any .service files"). On 
the one hand, this might just be an artifact of my current setup (no 
installed dbus files for PackageKit, and running it in a separate 
terminal when testing). OTOH, this allows noting that this means that 
the current libpackagekit API doesn't provide any options AFAIK for 
catching errors in C clients.
3) It's pretty complicated for a simple client, and looks like overkill 
for most cases of someone wanting an easy introduction to PackageKit.

I'm voting for the "include both" option.


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