[packagekit] Improved pkt tool

Ken VanDine ken at vandine.org
Fri Sep 7 07:39:15 PDT 2007

Tom, are you willing to start creating a python API and make pkt.py use that?


On 9/7/07, Richard Hughes <hughsient at gmail.com> wrote:
> On Fri, 2007-09-07 at 16:26 +0200, Tom Parker wrote:
> > Richard Hughes wrote:
> > > Have you seen pkcon and pkmon in /client? How does pkt compare to pkcon?
> >
> > I'd vaguely noticed them at some point in the past, but I've just had
> > another look. Couple of points
> > 1) From the POV of the CLI, it's close to the interface I want
> > eventually, except with wanting to be able to specify just a package
> > name not a package_id for install (and letting it pick a version for me)
> Sure, specifying a package_id sucks. pkcon needs to do the search, pick
> the (only?) best package_id and then install that.
> > 2) It doesn't catch certain classes of error e.g. if PackageKit isn't
> > running, it just plain dies with no explanation (unless you've noticed
> > the "verbose" option and then you get the informative "The name
> > org.freedesktop.PackageKit was not provided by any .service files"). On
> > the one hand, this might just be an artifact of my current setup (no
> > installed dbus files for PackageKit, and running it in a separate
> > terminal when testing).
> That's because you are not using dbus service activation. If you have
> that installed correctly (new enough dbus?) it will autostart the
> daemon.
> >  OTOH, this allows noting that this means that
> > the current libpackagekit API doesn't provide any options AFAIK for
> > catching errors in C clients.
> Yes, we need to add this. I believe it's already in the TODO file.
> > 3) It's pretty complicated for a simple client, and looks like overkill
> > for most cases of someone wanting an easy introduction to PackageKit.
> Well, I prefer the c option (obviously) but I've got no problem with an
> alternative tool in tools/ for developers.
> > I'm voting for the "include both" option.
> If you mean include then just go ahead and commit it to tools. If you
> mean "install by default" then we need to argue some more :-)
> Richard.
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