[packagekit] Unsupported package groups/filters

Andreas tradiaz at yahoo.de
Sun Sep 9 07:22:01 PDT 2007

On Sun, 2007-09-09 at 11:11 +0100, Richard Hughes wrote:

> Quality.If you send me your preferred username I'll give you commit
> access to the development server.
That's cool. Just wait till I'm done implementing the most important
features, I'll contact you as soon as I have searching, installing and
removing ready.

> What sort of groups does it have for example? Is it a subset of the
> group enums or whole new set? Could you list what groups enums would
> be good for you?
The packages groups are totally different in Arch. They're not really
there to be descriptive but to enable users to install multiple 
required packages easily (e.g. pacman -S gnome installs the gnome
desktop). I just asked the archlinux team to include such groups like
those PackageKit uses in future package builds as it wouldn't require
any changes to libalpm/pacman and could be done whenever the need to
rebuild a package arises. But I don't think I'll
be successful, and even if it'd take a year till all packages are
modified that way.
Actually the packages in archlinux' cvs are organized in folders
like network/editors etc.. That's why I thought there was an appropriate
tagging by groups. Never using the groups feature and just recently
checking the packages for it, it turned out to be different...

> I've deliberately not set the API in stone, and won't for quite a
> while. So, putting my money where my mouth is:
> s=GetSupportedFilters()
> where s="development;installed" or "installed" or "development;installed;gui"
> s=GetGroupList()
> where s="accessories;system;other"
> We can easily hook these into the backend at dlopen time, much like
> how we automatically get the supported list (a fake job).

Despite they don't fix the problem with archlinux those functions sound
good and are worth adding if it helps other package manager like yum.
Having a group "All" might perhaps help. On the other hand
it breaks the design principle by not actually being a group.

Let's first see how the Archlinux guys react.


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