[packagekit] New development server

Richard Hughes hughsient at gmail.com
Tue Sep 11 11:13:39 PDT 2007

Recently we've been having problems with the private development git
server. A dynamic IP and a 700Mhz epia server doesn't really cut the
mustard with so many developers now.

If you are using the hughsient.no-ip.org development server then
please note that with immediate effect the server has changed to

This virtual server has been donated (and is being managed by) Ken
VanDine and Elliot Peele and our thanks should go to them. It's in a
nice colo, (not under my desk) and so should be a bit more stable.

git clone git+ssh://hughsie@git.packagekit.org/srv/git/PackageKit
git clone git+ssh://hughsie@git.packagekit.org/srv/git/gnome-packagekit

and just push and pull like normal. Only developers have access to
this repo (and all existing developers have been transferred), but
please ask or IRC if you want to be added. If you are developing a
backend, it's best to get the code in early (even if it doesn't
compile) so we can make changes to the API in tree rather than have
your stuff bitrot.

I'll still push daily snapshots onto the freedesktop git server for
anonymous access.



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