[packagekit] Handling of License Prompts

Andreas tradiaz at yahoo.de
Tue Sep 11 14:28:04 PDT 2007

Proprietary software is in special repos even on OpenSuSE afaik.
Just ask the user when adding the repository.
Proprietary software is unwanted by most user and should be handled
accordingly. By integrating a _common_ way to install this software you
encourage this kind of software and imply that it is common and
I think it should be abolished and thus handled as an exception.
In a strictly clinical view I'd say if this is the only kind of signal
that requires user interaction you should probably leave it out. It can 
be handled differently, too (asking when adding the repository to the
list). On the other hand it might decrease the acceptance on OpenSUSE.
This is just my opinion and I hope it helps you choose the best


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